Sign of the Times: Volume 1 & 2: CD (International Orders Only)
  • Sign of the Times: Volume 1 & 2: CD (International Orders Only)
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Sign of the Times: Volume 1 & 2 In this day and age, in this world that we live in, anyone can get caught up in life or feel like they are lost at times. We wish that we could have total control over life and the outcomes of our lives, but we are not that fortunate. The only thing that we can count on is that God will be faithful to His Word and if we listen to Him, He will direct our paths. That actually setup the introduction of Jesus into our lives. As we commit to God and to His Son, we are blessed with the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. He is ever present to direct our lives on a daily basis to help us navigate through life situations. That sign of the times can be used for our benefit to shape a better outcome for our lives. Eternity with God! These 2 volumes communicate my thoughts, feelings and emotions over the past 12 years of living life as a believer in Christ Jesus in a world driven by so many masters. Multiple things want to master us, yet Christ Jesus alone is the True Lord & Master that all should submit to. I pray you find out and know that to be the case before you leave this earth.

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