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History Lessons featuring J. Johnson
(B. Tabb, J. Johnson)
Written by Bryant H. Tabb aka B.E.R.I.D.O.X. (BMI) and Jaron Johnson aka J. Johnson (BMI)
Produced by Bryant H. Tabb aka B.E.R.I.D.O.X. for Christ Revolution Music (BMI)
Mixed by B.E.R.I.D.O.X.
Mastered by DJ Morph
Tempo: 83bpm
Release date: 18-Nov-2022
Label: Christ Revolution Music
ISRC: QZTAU2253754
DK UPC: 197271792083

Song Description:
Whenever the word history is brought up, one tends to automatically think about monumental events that shaped or molded a country or a nation. In the same way we think about those historical moments and what we learned from them, we too have experienced historical moments that have shaped and molded us into what we are today. In the song “History Lessons”, you will hear vividly B.E.R.I.D.O.X.’s and J. Johnson’s experiences described that made them who they are today. Their testimonies are clearly shared and outlined from the timelines of their lives, because of God they are now men of faith, standing in faith for the rest of life’s journey as they move and live by the grace of God.


Verse 1/B.E.R.I.D.O.X.
I was born 1973
The birth of this emcee
Who would eventually
Grip the mic so easily

Couldn’t tell back then
I would be an emcee
I didn’t meet hip-hop
Until the early 80’s

Hip-Hop baby
Driving parents crazy
Living life in the 80’s
Drinking soda, eating candy

5th grade young rapper
Freestyling with the gift
Recording on the boombox
While Tone’s making hits

On the dining room table
In my crib where I lived
I was practicing, yeah
For a time such as this

Couldn’t see it
The future and what it beheld
But I was destined to rap
And my skills would prevail

In High School
Is when I took rapping more serious
Got vicious with the battle lyrics
But that wasn’t the right spirit

I couldn’t hear it
God’s voice in the moment
I was trying to get signed
While destroying all opponents

Until life came and hit me
With a punch to my chest (BOOM)
Spiraling yes
Avoiding an arrest

That was the time I confessed
I was a Christian yes
But it was under duress
After that I took the right steps

To get closer to Christ
Thank Him for saving my life
And for paying the price
I didn’t understand the sacrifice

That was made
And the price God paid
So I could accelerate
And proceed to the next grade

Chorus (2x’s)
History Lessons
Yes I confess them
Now I fear no weapons
I keep on stepping
Dare I, turn my back
On Him who’s protecting
When I, learned my lesson
History Lessons

Verse 2/J. Johnson
In 99, I started to rhyme
Started to climb
It says your gift will make room
I guess I started to mime

Wasn’t blind or mute
Christians lie in the booth
I’d be lying to you
To say this game is all cool

Hurt you wouldn’t believe
Kurt you wanted me
J. Silas from those row homes
Burnt to 3rd degree

My blood family
I’m saved, can it be,
That humans are humans
With motives and schemes

Trust God is the lesson learned
Praise God is the message permed
Lord I’m straight no chase
The brew mixed with whiskey all straight to the face

I’m glad that my pain
Brought advancement of faith
That AC don’t blow no more
Fan me with grace, please

I mean I wanna finish strong
Lord bless me like Jabez
No Biggie if I’m dead wrong

I was stubborn
I was head strong
I seen my sin more Lord
You’ve couldn’t of bled more (Nah)

I understand why I bleed
His strength is made perfect
Your strong when I’m weak (yeah)

That means Your strong when I speak
Strong when I take defeat
Strong when I bleed (Amen)

So I’ll be strong on my knees
Strong with my pleas
Joy for my grief

Chorus (2x’s)
History Lessons
Yes I confess them
Now I fear no weapons
I keep on stepping
Dare I, turn my back
On Him who’s protecting
When I, learned my lesson
History Lessons