Who Are We?
Christ Revolution Music, Inc. is a Christian Hip-Hop/Gospel record label owned and operated by Bryant Tabb aka B.E.R.I.D.O.X. (Founder and CEO), and we are also a music/video production company.  Christ Revolution Music is an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) that was officially formed on October 30, 2015.  The industry this company is associated with is the recording industry, and the music/video production industry.

Founder’s Qualifications and experience:
For the past 20+ years the founder has performed under the recording artist name as B.E.R.I.D.O.X. and was responsible for the following roles in his own work as well as those artists that requested his services: songwriter, rapper/performer, music producer, recording engineer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, executive producer, DJ, graphic designer, photographer, videographer, video editor, manager, publicist and marketer.

Mission Statement
We exist to aid recording artists with the opportunity to share their God given talent and music with the world to impact future generations.
Christ Revolution Music will record, produce, mix, master and distribute its artist’s music, videos and merchandise and sell products through physical means of distribution at our venues as well as over the internet and including through digital music stores.  With the in-house music/video production services, we will also work on other projects for artists not signed to Christ Revolution Music as well as assist businesses that need access to our services.
The product we offer is music and videos through the medium of physical CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and digital downloads through the various music digital download stores throughout the world over the internet.
The services we will provide for our artist are songwriting, recording, music production, mixing, mastering, graphic design, photography, video production, artist development, radio servicing, marketing, promotion and management.
The services we will provide for outside artist are recording, music production, mixing and video production.  For outside businesses we will provide music studio recording, music production and video production.